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West Bengal is known to be an advanced State of India in the context of Physical, Social and Economic Development, but it contains within its territory a few backward regions, which reflect the problems of acute regional disparities. One such region situated along the western fringe of South-West West Bengal has been termed as Paschimanchal Unnayan Parshad Area (PUPA). This region has been identified by a high level Committee constituted by the Govt. of West Bengal at the instance of Development and Planning Department of the State in 2000-2001.

For overall development of backward areas situated within this region covering 74 blocks of five districts, Paschimanchal Unnayan Parshad was formed in May, 2000 under Resolution No. 1409/DP/P/JA/17C-01/2000 dated 18th May,2000 of Developement and Planning Department, Government of West Bengal. Developmental works were so far made through the machineries of the district administration.

In the context of time, necessity was felt for sometime past to create a department for better administrative and financial control over the functionaries of Paschimanchal Unnayan Parshad. To materialize the necessity a department named by “Department of Paschimanchal Unnayan Affairs” was created in July, 2006 under Notification No. 194-Home(Cons)R2R(Cons)-10/06, dated 12th July 2006.

Initially under the Department of Development and Planning, Paschimanchal Unnayan Parshad is now functioning under the administrative control of the Department of Paschimanchal Unnayan Affairs.


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